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 History Luang Por Bhuddh-Jatucharoen Foundation










          The initiative idea began with the compassionate address by the the Gracious Sagwr Perception (Luang Por Bhuddh Thaniyo) at Wat Pa Salawan Temple , Nakhon Ratchasima, to establish funds for monks living with illness who lacked financial support for medical expenses. The initial donation of 156, 000 baht, gathered from disciples and faithful followers, was given to Thainakarin Hospital to establish the funds for monks living with illness. Thainakarin Hospital’s Board of Directors proceeded to fulfill the Gracious Sagwr Perception’s wish by launching “Luang Por Bhuddh’s Funds for Monks Living with illness” on February 1st, 1998.  






          At the end of 2010, Dr. Charoen  Meensuk, who was the Chairman of the Medical Board, reached the agreement to register the funds project as a foundation and to obtain a legal status as a non-profit organization. The foundation registration has been filed since December 2010 




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