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ใบอนุญาตเลขที่ : ว.29174
Note: Please make an appointment in advance at least 3 days. For emergency, please contact 0 2361 2800

     History of Education

  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwiroj University


  • Thai Board of Internal Medicine, Rajavithi Hospital


  • The RoyalCollege of Physicians of Thailand


  • Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital
  • Rajvithi  Hospital
  • Theptarin  Hospital

     Current positions

  • Internist, Department of Medicine, Thainakarin  Hospital


  • Thai,  English


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Terms and conditions

1. After you sumit the enquiry our staff will contact you within 2 days to review your medical informaition brfore making an appointment.
2. Appointment date and time can be changed untill you are officially registered at Thainakarin Hospital.