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Bone & Joint Center provides treatment for bones, joints, tendons, and muscles by specialized physicians with cutting-edge technology that saves time and cost for the patients.

  • Diagnosis of the diseases causing the symptoms e.g. x-ray computer, CT/MRI
  • Provide treatment based on the cause or disease by using modern equipment/technology
    • Injury e.g. bone arrangement and retention to original position and ensure fast joint movement and bone connection without muscular atrophy
      • Surgery for geriatric hip fracture surgery
      • Surgery for sport injury by minimally invasive surgery
      • Minimally invasive surgery to connect lost fingers
      • Arthroscotic surgery for vertebral column repair
    • Depravation e.g. hip replacement surgery, high tibial osteotomy, shoulder arthroplasty
      • Herniated disc surgery, Intervertebral disc surgery
    • Infection e.g. incision and drainage, bacterial cleaning
    • Child deformation surgery e.g. scoliosis, cubitus varus, foot deformity

Medical Technology / Equipment / Specific Examination Room

  • X-ray computer, CT/MRI

Diseases and Symptoms

  • Osteoarthritis (see related article on website)
  • Herniated disc diseases (see related article on website)

Operating days and hours of Bone & Joint Center, G Floor
Daily from 08.00 to 20.00 hrs.

For more information or doctor’s appointment, please call
0 2361 2727 or 0 2361 2828 ext. Bone & Joint Center