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Skin and Laser Center

Skin and Laser Center provides you with the latest beauty technology along with the medical team specializing in skin and laser. We offer warm service with strictly controlled hygienic system to limit germs to ensure that the skin care processes are quick, convenient and effective without any pain.


Skin and Laser Center provides skin care service, treatment of infectious diseases of hair, nails and other chronic diseases including seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. by the medical staff specializing in skin diseases who have been certified by Medical Council of Thailand.

The center also promotes the use of state-of-the-art equipment which are globally accepted in terms of efficiency and effectiveness including Aurora® and Gentle YAG® laser that reduce wrinkles and lift facial skin as it affects collagen generation under the skin. In addition, the Laser CO2 (carbon dioxide laser) which has been newly developed also permanently removes hair and solve varicose vein, melanin, melasma and freckle problems with the least scar. It is used to get rid of mole, freckle, skin tag, or unwanted lipoma.

We also provide skin care service by using other special equipment such as microdermabrasion Iontophoresis fine comedone vacuum based on each patient’s skin condition as considered by the dermatologist to save cost of maintenance.

Medical Technology/Equipment/Specific Examination Room

Fine Scan 1550 is the latest innovation of skin problem treatment using fractional laser to enhance effectiveness and accuracy of treatment. This fractional laser can send energy into a deeper skin layer, so it stimulates more collagen generation, which is suitable for the patients who have problems of atrophic scar, aging wrinkles, large pores or epidermal melisma and appropriate for any part of the skin for recovery.