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Holistic Oncology Center

“Be smile for hope start here!” 6C’s: Cure, Care, Comfort, Compassion Cope and Courage. Smile and hope can happen at Holistic Oncology Center, Thainakarin Hospital.

Cancer is not infectious but it needs follow-up since cancer may show its sign since birth and can be biologically inherited in addition to being stimulated by external factors which are important risks factors.
Holistic Oncology Center, Thainakarin Hospital.  


Holistic Oncology Center, Thainakarin Hospital realizes the importance of cancer, so the cancer treatment center has been established to provide diagnosis, examination and treatment from the very first stage. Also, we attempt to search for all cancer preventive systems by employing experienced physicians to take care of the body and mind of the patients and their relatives holistically on the basis of the standards certified by ASL, ASCO, UICC, ECCO, ESMO, and ASTRO.
Holistic Oncology Center is the first private cancer treatment center which is ready to help you fight against cancer in any circumstances for longer living and better quality of life in private, yet friendly atmosphere. 


• Family Tree Screening Animation
• Physical Examination for tumor by breast observation and touching, oral tissue examination and lipoma on parts of the body
• Staging Cancer Detection
• Treatment for cancer in all system
• Geriatric Oncology
• Medical Oncology
• Combination Therapy
• Cancer Consultation
• Cancer Survivor Care
• Palliative Care