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Complaint channels

Thainakarin Hospital PCL
Thainakarin Hospital has earned trust and respect from the general public since the early establishment. The success in excellent care comes from the world class quality in health care, warm hospitality that treats everyone like family, affordable price, effective and transparent management, and positive attitude staff.

Complaint channels

Complaint channels

The Company will provide a contact channel to any person with any complaint on any illegal action against ethics or any behavior that may lead to any incorrect financial report preparation or
presentation or defect internal control system whereas the company will keep such complaint as secret. In the event that any person finds any action as mentioned above, please inform the Company via

Telephone : TNH Contact Center 02 361 2727
Email :

Process of actions upon receipt of complaints

Process of actions upon receipt of complaints: The supervisory unit shall prudently consider the reported complaint as appropriate to the case, by gathering facts, then evaluating and scrutinizing information. In a serious or complex case, the matter may either be sent to related unit for examination and investigation of facts, or be considered by the Audit Committee.

If it is deemed necessary and appropriate, the supervisory unit can propose the matter to the consideration and scrutiny of the Audit Committee.